29 August 2014

Dash - A Must Have App For Developers

Have you ever came across an app that keeps all your API docs in one place ? If the answer is No, meet Dash. An app which keeps all the documentation in one place. It downloads and keeps them up to date. It has support for almost all languages.

The interface is similar to Xcode documentation browser, so you will feel at home. You can add document sets from your local hard drive or download from provided locations such as Stackoverflow and other places. It will scan your HD when you open the app and keep everything tidy.

The best part is that, it integrates with apps on your Mac such as Xcode, Eclipse, Alfred and many others, so that you can directly browse the API docs from within that app.

It has another cool feature known as Snippets. You can store test snippets and abbreviations for later use. It's really handy as you don't have to remember large texts.

The app is basically free with an option of in-app purchase. You can use it free with full features, but it will nag you sometimes for payments if you don't pay.

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Bioshosk Arrives on iOS

One of greatest first person shooters Bioshock has landed on Apple iTunes App Store. It has the same immersive gameplay as it's PC and Console counterpart. The game has been modified to run on Apple iPad 4, iPad Air, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Due to heavy graphics, the game is not supported on older devices. The game requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Get the game at INR 920 or $14.99 at App Store.

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08 August 2014

Drag and Drop Files or Folders Between Spaces or Fullscreen Apps

Droppy for Mac is a very useful utility that enables you to drag and drop files and folders between Spaces or fullscreen apps. It supports any file types and any application. Just click the app icon at status bar and you can drag and drop your files or folders.

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1Password For Mac and iOS Goes On Sale With 30% Off

The popular password management for Mac and iOS, 1Password is on sale for a limited time. Get the Mac app at 30% and the iOS app at 30% off. The iOS 8 version of the app will be free if you buy it now for iOS.

The Mac version will cost you $34.99 and iOS version will cost you $9.99.

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Get Tomb Raider at 50% Off on Mac App Store

The new Tomb Raider 2014 has got a price cut of 50% on Mac App Store. Now it costs $19.99 or ₹1200. Get the game before Apple reverts back the price to normal.

If you want action, adventure and a very good storyline, then this game is a must for every mac gamer. The game weighs 12.27 GB.

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31 July 2014

Shazam Lands On Mac App Store

The popular music app Shazam is now available on Mac. It has been optimised for OS X. It sits on the menu bar and listens to music in the background. It offers to buy the songs  on iTunes also.
 Download it now on Mac App Store.

1. Operates magically in the background, ready to name that tune at a moment’s notice.

2. Instant, seamless access to all the music that makes up the world around you.

3. One-click access to lyrics, music videos or to buy tracks on iTunes.

4. Discover like never before, share like always.

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30 July 2014

How To Use Function Keys As Standard Keys In OS X

In all Apple portables such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, we have functions keys which can be used for various functions such as brightness control, volume control, music playback etc. But if you want to treat the function keys as standard keys, it's easy. To change the setting follow the previous instructions.

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Choose Keyboard (or Keyboard & Mouse in Mac OS X v10.5.8 and earlier).
  3. Enable "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys."
Now you would be able to use all the function keys as normal keys on the OS X keyboard.
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